With the emergence of LED lights used in automobiles now, aircraft will inevitably do the same.

Starting from September 2015, production line number 5555, Boeing began to use the new LTRTL system in the 737NG fleet, that is, the new LED landing lights/taxi lights/runway departure lights. Now, this system has been in use for 4 years and should not be new to everyone. However, it has recently been discovered that many people do not know this system very well. Basic principles of system LTRTL:Landing, Taxi, and Runway Turn off Light LTRTL system uses light-emitting diode (LED) as light source, replacing the existing halogen lamp system.

The system combines five devices into two, reducing weight and energy consumption and reducing resistance. In addition, LED lamps to generate less heat than halogen lamps, thus prolonging the service life and improving the reliability of the system, thus reducing the operating and maintenance costs of airlines. For example. Old landing lights and runway turning lights.

Old system: Some aircraft taxi lights are ON/OFF and have no automatic position.


【LED Light Bar】14Inch 72w LED Light Bar Bumper Kit, 3 Year Warranty.

Duty 14” Dual Row Spot/Flood beam LED Light Bar is designed to withstand all harsh environments. Enclosed in a precision-cut aluminum housing with DuPont Heavy Duty Coating. Dual row design makes perfect for optimal brightness. Insulated dual conductor wire ensures simple to install and durable long-lasting product. Duty 14” Dual Row Spot/Flood beam LED Light Bar SUPER BRIGHT A 14-inch LED light bar with a total brightness of 72W at 6 million color temperatures. It can illuminate the whole front view and make your driving comfortable and safe. HIGH PERFORMANCE Under harsh environment, die-cast aluminum shell has strength and durability, with service life of about 50,000 hours, IP67 grade waterproof/dustproof/shockproof, and corrosion resistance under harsh environment. BETTER HEAT DISSIPATION EFFECT The sharp design of the aluminum fan enables it to dissipate heat faster and more effectively, extending the life of the lamp bar to more than 50,000 hours. ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING ACCESSORIES Wit…

Why not try changing the headlights of the car?

Halogen lamps have the greatest advantages of low price, convenient replacement, warmer color temperature and better penetration of rain, snow, and fog. The disadvantages are low brightness and high energy consumption. LED can directly convert electricity into light, with long service life, fast lighting, and low energy consumption. It is usually used as a daytime running lamp and brake lamp. It has a good effect, but its only disadvantage is higher cost. But you don’t have to worry too much. Technological progress has made the popularization of LED more rapid. Changing headlights is usually easy. Nowadays, most halogen high-intensity discharge bulbs or light-emitting diode bulbs are easy to replace. They can be quickly ejected from the rear of the headlamp housing, pulled out from the electric wires, fixed with thin wire clips or rotating bayonet brackets, and replaced with working bulbs. However, in order to replace headlights, you must first determine the type of bulb you need. First…

【Forklift LED Light】 We would like to introduce some reliable LED warning lights to your forklift truck.

Reasons for Using LED Safety Warning Light on Forklift Truck.

Reduce heavy equipment accidents.Reduce work errors.Reduce property losses and damage.  Reduce the chance of forklift hitting people.Why use blue/red Led safety warning lights on forklift trucks? Vanten LED safety warning light is made of a lens, a polycarbonate shell, rust and corrosion prevention, a universal mount, suitable for forklift trucks. When the LED safety warning spotlight assembly is installed on a forklift or other moving vehicle, it will project a bright blue or red beam pattern on the floor surface.

Blue Spot Beam

Arrow Beam

Why Should Forklift Safety Get Our Attention?

The forklift weighs more than three tons and can reach a speed of 18 mph. These big guys are very helpful to our warehouse work, at the same time, It is also a source of great danger. Use these forklift safety warning lights to ensure your safety. Use these forklift safety warning lights to ensure your safety. The following are three accident statistics that should be given extra care and attention when operating forklift trucks. Forklift trucks kill about 85 people every year.Forklift accidents causing serious injuries in total 34,900 each year.Non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents reach 61,800 people per year. If the company implements stricter training policies, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that about 70% of forklift accidents in the United States can be prevented. Why are forklifts so dangerous? There are many reasons. They can weigh 9,000 pounds, three times as much as many cars.They can travel up to 18 mph.Unlike cars, forklifts on…

You have to understand the types of car lights!

The use of car lights has a direct relationship with driving safety. Proper use of car lights can not only protect their own safety but also create an orderly traffic environment. Car lights include: Headlight Headlights are of two types-low beam and high beam. They are mainly used for roads and objects in front of the light tower to ensure driving safety. R drivers can see the roads in the dark, and at the same time send signals to other drivers about the existence of cars.

The low beam provides light distribution to provide sufficient forward and lateral illumination without blinding other road users due to excessive glare. High beam lights provide a strong, center-weighted light distribution with no special control over glare and should only be used when there are no cars visible in front of you. The alternating changes of high beam and the low beam can be used as overtaking signals at night. Headlights are installed on both sides of the car’s head. Each car is equipped with 2 or 4 he…

We want LED warning lights to be your patron saint to ensure your safety.

LED Vehicle-mounted warning lights, as the name implies, are lamps installed on vehicles to give warnings, especially for engineering vehicles. Vehicle-mounted warning lights are lamps that alert pedestrians around vehicles by emitting more striking light. Some on-board warning lights may also have built-in buzzers or horns to give alarm sounds to give people audible and visual warning signals so that people around the vehicle can clearly find the vehicle, stay away from the vehicle as far as possible and avoid accidents. In general, LED warning lights are usually used in police cars, engineering vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, preventive management vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, tractors, emergency A/S vehicles, mechanical equipment, etc. Depending on the type of car and its use, the length of the LED warning light, the structure of the lampshade combination and the composite color are also different. The Function of LED Warning Light in Different Scenes. 1. The construction…