Reasons for Fogging in car headlights and Solutions!

As far as the overall structure of the headlamp is concerned, whether it is a common halogen headlamp, a xenon headlamp, or a headlamp with an LED lamp group, there is a ventilation rubber tube at the position of the rear cover, which generates a large amount of heat at the moment when the headlamp is lit or even when the headlamp is in use. The function of the ventilation tube is to discharge the heat as much as possible outside the headlamp to maintain the normal working temperature of the headlight and ensure the stable use of the headlight. Cause of Fog in Headlamps. Water in the air will enter the headlight through the vent pipe and adhere to the lampshade. As water vapor gathers, water droplets will flow down the lampshade. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature difference, which is most likely to occur in winter and rainy season. After the lamp is turned on for a period of time, the fog will be discharged out of the lamp along with the hot gas through the vent pip…

How to read LED parameters?

The three parameters of LED are mainly brightness (lumen), color temperature (Kelvin) and light type. Lumen value is closely related to brightness. Generally, the higher the lumen value, the brighter the lamp. Many merchants will advocate high lumen value to prove that the product is bright, but in fact they have not tested and calculated the lumen value with the correct method. In general, manufacturers use integrating spheres to comprehensively measure lumen values. However, lumen value is a test result and is affected by many factors. Current magnitude, thin thickness of lampshade, calculation algorithm and so on all lead to great differences in lumen value, so it is incorrect to judge whether the lamp is bright or not and whether its performance is excellent based on a single measured lumen value. The color temperature is not the higher the value, the better. Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates that light contains color components. The natural light source in t…

【LED Driving Light】Driving at night is inevitable for all car owners, so what should we pay attention to?

1. Timely check the car working condition of the instrument The main purpose of driving at night to check the dashboard is to listen and watch, observe whether the engine and chassis have abnormal noise or smell, keep driving at a moderate speed, pay attention to increasing the distance with the vehicle, and be ready to stop at any time to prevent collision between the front and rear vehicles. 2. Pay attention to the use of lights When driving on roads with street lamps, anti-glare lamps or dipped beam lamps and marker lamps can be used. When driving through the intersection at night, you should slow down at a distance of 50-100 meters from the intersection, change the high beam light to the low beam light, and turn on the turn signal to indicate the direction of travel. 3. Pay attention to the conversion of near and far light In cities, pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road. When driving at night, the low beam light should be used when the vehicle speed is below 30km/h, and th…

What do you think about Tractor Safety and LED Work Lights? If you don’t know, you must click it!

Since tractors took over the workload of horses and mules in the first part of the 20th century, they have made a major impact on modern agricultural production. Tractors play a major role on the farm. Tractors transport equipment and material, pull implements and provide power for other equipment. They are the most common piece of farm equipment. Tractors are intended to assist operators in doing work on the farm. They can be large and very powerful. But, their size and strength can be the source of harm when not used properly. For example, what might happen if the LED lights on a tractor are not working? Other vehicles on the roadways could not see the tractor at night and may collide with it. I believe this is definitely not the scene we wish to see. LED Lights on tractors are required from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise. Otherwise, during this time period, the tractor operator cannot see clearly to drive and other vehicles cannot see the tractor. Tractors…

【LED Fog Lamp】You must know something about fog lights if you drive often!

In the morning, you walked out of the house with coffee in your hand and were surprised to find a large white area in front of you, covering the earth. This is a foggy morning, making your commute slow and difficult. At night, it is very difficult for you to see the road in foggy and stormy weather, making your way home difficult.
You know, under such circumstances, it is not enough to rely solely on the headlights of cars. Fortunately, there is such a solution. Fog lamps are designed for this situation, and their safety features are far better than ordinary headlamps. Some top fog lamps enable you to see the driving environment more clearly. Regarding fog lamps. Built-in fog lamp. Some vehicles are equipped with fog lamps already installed. Generally, they use halogen lamps, which are very common and cheap compared with LED fog lamps. However, even the best halogen fog bulbs cannot be used continuously. Aftermarket fog lamp. If your vehicle does not come with standard fog lights, addin…

Is the dipped beam also blind? 3 minutes to teach you to adjust the lamp height!

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of driving at night with the low beam light on, but the opposite car still flashes the light twice to indicate that you are driving the high beam light. Maybe there is something wrong with your light. The height of car lights is adjusted when leaving the factory. Generally, there is no big problem. However, if your headlights have been repaired or replaced, the height of lights may be inaccurate. If the height is too high, there will be a high beam effect. If the height is too low, the visibility at night will be very low, seriously affecting safety. So, what exactly is the height of the headlights? First, find your lamp adjustment button.
The headlight height adjustment button is usually installed behind the headlight assembly. We need to open the hood and find this small rotatable button. What should we do before adjusting the height of the headlights? Before adjustment, we need to ensure that there is no one in the car, and if there are …

Do you know Most roads in North America and other parts of the world are not lit by road lighting systems?

Most roads in North America and other parts of the world are not lit by road lighting systems that are fixed on masts, so car lighting is a key component for safe driving at night. The performance requirements for automotive headlamps are based on standards and recommendations issued by the Association of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and similar industry organizations. These requirements specify the minimum or maximum luminous intensity of illumination from the center of the vehicle lighting system in different directions. Countries outside North America also have similar photometric performance requirements. These regulations may differ in details, but they all specify the luminous intensity in order to ensure that the vehicle lighting system provides sufficient light for drivers to see the road, reduce glare to other drivers as much as possible, and ensure that vehicle signal lights can be detected in a timely and clear manner.